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To see the original Page 1, please go to this address:


Jake here, working on getting all the pages up now, sketchwork almost finished for the first 30 remake pages.


Hey, the web admin here. Just putting up test pages to see how it flows. Only five pages of the comic is uploaded at the moment. The other pages are not working either. This is just the comic test pages. Hope all of you (especially you Jake) like the site layout. I did change quite a bit from the original design but this flows much better (not to mention Jake would've been changing some stuff as well).


RANT RANT RANT. xD I'm working at 3 in the morning~! I'm a nocturnal person. I hate morning people. How can you be so cheerful at 10 in the morning?! Other than that, let's try and get a twitter notification app running in here too. That way, you can stalk read how our lives (...mine is odd) are at the moment.


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